Local Riot Updates

Please use the Contact form to report any local riot information. Be sure to include a link to the original source. We will try to verify all sources before posting them here (unless otherwise noted). Reports will be displayed in date order, with the latest reports at the top.

Note that riots are not advertised as such – they are always portrayed as “peaceful protest”. While peaceful protest may well have been the real intent of the organizers, it’s a pretty safe bet that every riot starts out that way. Intent is irrelevant; what matters is what actually happens.

Avoid if at all possible – if not, then be prepared for violence.

Unconfirmed reports – please let us know if you have any information to confirm or deny these unconfirmed reports:

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From on-line post. Background photo is rioter standing in front of something burning (shown exactly as written):

!!Daytona riot!!
We finna take ova the
Volusia mall
Addy: 1700 W International Speedway Blvd.
When: Saturday June 6th @ 1:30
Bring mask to cover you face, bats, sticks or anything you can break shii with.
R.I.P. George Floyd



Confirmed: As of June 3, DeLand Walmart has removed all guns from their Sporting Goods department. A DeLand PD vehicle is parked in front of the door to the Walmart Liquor store.


More on the June 3 DeLand event (source):


Organizing poster found on a Twitter account. IMPORTANT – Note the instructions about hiding your identity – that’s a big tip-off that it is NOT planned as a “peaceful protest”.June 1



Twitter post. June 1 (Confirmed. Source)