November 2017 Meeting

Part I Personal Defense

Items demonstrated and discussed at this meeting:

Streamlight Stinger DS LED HL. High powered, rechargable, strobe function. Source: Amazon
ASP P21 collapsible baton. Rugged, lightweight. Classified as a weapon for legal purposes. Source:
Unbreakable umbrella, full size. Source:
Unbreakable umbrella, collapsible. Source:
Cold Steel City Stick. ADA prevents anyone from taking it away from you. Source:
Uzi tactical pen; Very tough, yet very affordable at about $16. (Proprietary refill is difficult to find). Source: Amazon

More ideas:

  • Slingshot (use ball bearing ammo)
  • Edged weapons – IF you are well trained
  • Walking stick – persimmon, black thorn, hickory, Chinese wax wood are good choices
  • Baseball bat, axe handle, other tough wooden stick


Part II Home Defense in a SHFT event

Climbing roses can be used as living razor wire. Beautiful flowers are a nice benefit. This white rose variety is called “New Dawn” and is known for having lots of very sharp thorns – far more than typical roses.
Razor wire configured as concertina. Current use in residential area is illegal. Understand that razor wire is extremely dangerous and can be lethal. Source: ebay
Razor wire gloves are REQUIRED for working with razor wire. Don’t even think about touching razor wire without these. Have at least TWO pair. Source: ebay
Trip-wire alarm using .22 blanks. Use with Spiderwire fishing line, moss-green, 30# test. Source:

More ideas:

  • marbles or ball bearings in can attached to trip wire
  • Tangle-foot can also be made using galvanized steel electric fence wire. Not anywhere near as effective as razor wire, but a small fraction of the cost, easier to work with, and affordable enough to secure larger areas. (Source: Tractor Supply)
  • Solar powered electric fence (Source: Tractor Supply)
  • Refer to FM 5-15 Field Fortifications for more ideas on how to secure an area.
  • Crimsafe windows and doors provide both security and hurricane protection.

October 2017 Meeting

October 14: So You Think You’re Prepared? – The truth about food storage amounts and how much is really needed for a one year supply. Also, how to make lye and different yeasts and leavening agents using what nature provides in our area.

This program included lessons learned during Hurricane Irma.

  • Pet pad to keep cool when sleeping
  • Tent fan
  • Shelf stable milk
  • Solar battery charger
  • Sterno
  • Canned goods date – only infant formula has mandated expire date. “Use by” and “Sell by” are determined by the company.
  • Dents on a can are OK as long as they are not on a seam.
  • Botulism has a 50% fatality rate for cases not receiving medical treatment.
  • Sun Oven – best to have two for cooking
  • Cast iron works very well with a sun oven
  • 1 year food plan
  • Hormel Chili is listed by Hormel as having indefinite shelf life.
  • Making baking powder
  • Making Sterno-type fuel
  • Making yeast
  • Making flour from beans and nuts
  • Pellet rifle for small game with low noise
  • Herbal Recipes book by Rosemary Gladstar
  • Essential Oils

August 2017 Meeting

August 12: Water Matters, etc. – Water purification using pool shock chemicals, making soap papers, using drinking straws as small containers.

July 2017 Meeting

July 8, 2017: The AR15 and it’s Variants, and Accessories – including night vision options, both rifle mounted, hand held, and starlight type. It will include hands-on outside demonstrations.