Our purpose here is to teach our community about Emergency Preparedness. To that end, here are a few web resources that we think you’ll find helpful. There is a wealth of information available on the web. Exhaustive lists of links can be overwhelming, so we’re just including a few to get you started. Please note that inclusion does not, in any way, imply endorsement.


Click here for preparedness files in various formats. (Over 15,000 files arranged by topic – over 19 GB of information)

Hurricane Notes – Compiled from notes taken before, during, and after the hurricanes that came through Volusia County in 2004.

Food Storage Wisdom – A physician in Florida spends 40 days living entirely on his food storage program in order to discover what works, what doesn’t, and how to make it better. (Lots of good comments on this one)

The Southern Agrarian Last Ditch List – What would you plant in your garden if feeding your family depended on it? This list is from years of experience gardening in West Volusia County.

Our Precarious Agriculture System – A look at one family farm in Florida and what we can learn about the system that supplies our food.

Food Security and Social Unrest – A FEMA contractor reported on a simulation called “Food Chain Reaction”. The results were interesting, to say the least.

Prime Time Shortwave Schedules – Shortwave radio remains an effective way of getting news from around the world, directly from the source. This site has regularly updated shortwave radio broadcast schedules.

Volusia County Emergency Management – Links to services, alerts, and local resources including shelter locations.

Volusia County ARES – Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

Every Needful Thing – Monthly newsletter published by Sun Oven; good, solid information in a free newsletter. Well worth signing up for.

Code Red Emergency Alert System – Emergency notification system initiated by Volusia County Emergency Management. Sign up to be notified of local emergency situations.

North Florida Gardening Calendar – Produced by the University of Florida.