T-Rex 2019

T-Rex drill is a project of AmRRON, and is not associated in any way with Volusia County Prepping. For more information check the AmRRON website .


T-Rex 2019 (TEOTWAWKI-Readiness EXercise) will be the 6th annual Grid-Down nation-wide communications exercise produced by AmRRON. It will be held July 26-28. Although these exercises are mainly focused on ham radio operators using HF (High Frequency) equipment and some using VHF equipment, anyone can participate by using a good quality shortwave radio and antenna or whatever resources you might have available.

If participating or even just observing does nothing more than increase awareness of our communications capabilities and deficiencies, then it will have served its purpose.

If the idea of being part of a live, real-time exercise sounds appealing, you can learn more about it at the AmRRON website.

We should note here that band conditions (which are controlled by the Sun) are very poor this year; we don’t get to pick ideal conditions for disasters.


From the 2016 instructions:

How to participate:

  • Practice your family, group, community disaster plan, whether you’re bugging out, sheltering in place, or attempting to make the journey home.
  • You will be in an information blackout, so you’ll want to learn what areas are affected, and to what extent.
  • Several AmRRON operators across the country have been issued ‘preloaded’ information they will use to inject SITREPS, news, and updates into the scenario.
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Use the Signals Operating Instructions to tune in to the AmRRON Nets.
  • You will use this information to determine what “you would do” if the reports were real. 
  • Pass the news and information to others:
    • Your family, group and community
    • Over local CH3 and AmRRON nets
    • Black Echo Broadcasting stations
    • Leaders: Inform your pastor, your county commissioner, your sheriff or police chief, lawmakers, community and grassroots leaders (if they are like-minded and friendly toward disaster preparedness training).
    • At the very least, tuning in and monitoring the AmRRON nets will give you situational awareness.



  • Listen to HF communications using a shortwave radio with Single Sideband,
  • Listen to local communications using a scanner (or programmable VHF ham radio)

The scenario for this year’s exercise has not yet been announced, but here are some scenario transmissions from previous years:

The spread of Disease X has began to result in travel
restrictions as the president has declared martial law
and brought in the National Guard to provide quarantine
in some large cities. Anyone who is planning to relocate
to another location should do so immediately as the
window of opportunity is closing quickly, possibly
already closed depending on your individual location.
Public areas and gatherings should be avoided if at all
possible. Limit contact with individuals and do not
consume meat products that have been obtained within
the previous 3-4 months to reduce risk of contracting
Disease X through the food supply. Avoid meats or use
long-term supplies.  NC SIGCEN

7/16/18 21:00
Exercise // Exercise // Exercise
Several alternative media sites are reporting that
due to the supply shortages, many Sams Club, Costco,
Kroger and Safeway store in IL, MO, MN, NE, AR, LA,
CO and UT are limiting quantities of beef, poultry,
and pork that can be purchased in a single order.
Corporate representatives for these chains deny any
knowledge of supply problems and are unaware of any
stores instituting transaction limits.

Precautionary measures:
Stock up on food and supplies due to possible supply
Take steps to make sure your universal preparedness
prepping supplies are stocked up.
Examples: Nitrile Gloves, Disposable gown, hair cover,
eye cover, mask (N95 or better yet N100 with pink
filters)! In the event we go grid down, monitor during
the net times indicated in the Communications S.O.I.
8/11 Message for dissemination to all AmRRON members
and SigCens. START MESSAGE: AM radio station in Memphis,
TN reports that there has been a massive earthquake on
the Cascadia Subduction zone effecting the Pacific
Northwest. There is limited information from the region
but AM stations in Eastern Washington and Idaho have
reported a complete loss of power and communications
in the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia and parts
of California. they are operating on emergency power
at this time. END MESSAGE
Friday 4:40am PDT, 7 Aug:

Reports of several power failures now in much of the
country. Scattered reports of citizens fleeing Organized
Criminal Gang (OCG) controlled areas. Gangs pursuing and
overtaking vulnerable evacuees attempting to leave the
cities. Heavily armed and organized criminal elements
engaged in firefights with National Guard, Police and


Friday 3:15am PDT, 7 Aug:

Reports of brownouts, explosions, gunfire, and general
rioting coming in from dozens of cities, mostly on the
eastern seaboard, the Pacific Northwest, California,
Arizona and Texas. Organized Criminal Gangs (OCG) have
taken over news agencies in the metro Seattle, New York,
Houston and Phoenix areas, claiming operational control
of those regions. Warnings are issued to citizens to
join them or face consequences. Enforcement of orders
given to surrender all food and weapons to the organized
criminal elements. Citizens are promised food as reward
for joining them.