Suidlanders – Preparing for the Worst in South Africa


For most of us, preparedness can be fairly abstract. We have hurricanes, and the threat of other disasters, but they can often seem far in the distance. For the Boer of South Africa, the threat is immediate and very real. We can learn much from them and how they are preparing.

Their English web site is primarily an outreach program. Their main web site is in Africaans, but we can still glean good information without understanding that language.

The Suidlanders an emergency plan initiative officially founded in 2006 to prepare a Protestant Christian South African Minority for a coming violent revolution. We are non-aggressive and legal in our preparation. Constituted lawfully under Geneva Convention, with particular reference to Protocols I & II of the Protocols Additional, for the protection of non-combatant civilian Afrikaners (women, children, the elderly and the non-able bodied) in the event of a civil war.

This short video (published MAR 8, 2018) shows some of the preparations being made by White farmers who are facing the confiscation of their farms and very clear threats of genocide.

November 2017 Meeting

Part I Personal Defense

Items demonstrated and discussed at this meeting:

Streamlight Stinger DS LED HL. High powered, rechargable, strobe function. Source: Amazon
ASP P21 collapsible baton. Rugged, lightweight. Classified as a weapon for legal purposes. Source:
Unbreakable umbrella, full size. Source:
Unbreakable umbrella, collapsible. Source:
Cold Steel City Stick. ADA prevents anyone from taking it away from you. Source:
Uzi tactical pen; Very tough, yet very affordable at about $16. (Proprietary refill is difficult to find). Source: Amazon

More ideas:

  • Slingshot (use ball bearing ammo)
  • Edged weapons – IF you are well trained
  • Walking stick – persimmon, black thorn, hickory, Chinese wax wood are good choices
  • Baseball bat, axe handle, other tough wooden stick


Part II Home Defense in a SHFT event

Climbing roses can be used as living razor wire. Beautiful flowers are a nice benefit. This white rose variety is called “New Dawn” and is known for having lots of very sharp thorns – far more than typical roses.
Razor wire configured as concertina. Current use in residential area is illegal. Understand that razor wire is extremely dangerous and can be lethal. Source: ebay
Razor wire gloves are REQUIRED for working with razor wire. Don’t even think about touching razor wire without these. Have at least TWO pair. Source: ebay
Trip-wire alarm using .22 blanks. Use with Spiderwire fishing line, moss-green, 30# test. Source:

More ideas:

  • marbles or ball bearings in can attached to trip wire
  • Tangle-foot can also be made using galvanized steel electric fence wire. Not anywhere near as effective as razor wire, but a small fraction of the cost, easier to work with, and affordable enough to secure larger areas. (Source: Tractor Supply)
  • Solar powered electric fence (Source: Tractor Supply)
  • Refer to FM 5-15 Field Fortifications for more ideas on how to secure an area.
  • Crimsafe windows and doors provide both security and hurricane protection.