A Bit of History

Harlan’s wife, Stacey, was listening to the audiobook Patriots by James Wesley Rawles, and things haven’t been the same for Harlan since. That was 2011. For six weeks it was a group of three: Harlan, Mike and Ed. The group was originally referred to as “Basegroup” until recently when it was renamed Volusia County Prepping.

The group has evolved throughout the years and our singleness of purpose is to learn about emergency preparedness and share our knowledge with like-minded souls. If you’re a Prepper, a wannabe Prepper or have a Prepper skill to share with us, we welcome you.

If you’re looking for a militia-type group, a social group, or a forum to discuss religious or political affiliations, please look elsewhere. While we have a very diverse group, we honor confidentiality, and opinions on these issues are not shared or encouraged at the group level.

We start each meeting with a prayer and The Pledge of Allegiance, then we stick to topics on emergency preparedness. As stated on our Home page: Tomorrow is going to be just like today – until it isn’t. We prepare for when it isn’t.

Final In-Person Meeting – AUG 13, 2022

ꔷ Volusia County Prepping now consists of this web site, email list, and the networking we have built up over the years.

  • Web site created June 12, 2017, and rebuilt in March 2021
  • Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by at least one member of Volusia County Prepping.