Title: Tactical Wisdom series, Baseline Training Manual TW-01
Author: Joe Dolio
Copyright: 2021
ISBN-13: 9798741045060
Length: 170 pages
Format: Paperback, 5.25″ x 8″
Website: https://tactical-wisdom.com/
Preview/Buy: Amazon Link

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front)

  • Well organized and very readable.
  • Appropriate for every level of prepper.
  • Each chapter ends with a “Baseline Standard” of specific steps to take.
  • Sturdy construction, well made with good quality paper. Should hold up well.
  • This book has been added to the VCP Quick Start Guide.
  • In short, it is an essential resource.

I bought this book with the idea of loaning it out to friends and family who might be ready to start taking preparedness seriously. Frankly, I didn’t expect to get much out of it, having been an active “prepper” for decades. I expected to find yet another basic prepping book. I was wrong. Yes, it is meant as a basic preparedness manual, but there is plenty in there for everyone from the beginning prepper and beyond.

As with any book, you’re going to find things you disagree with – and that’s OK. Preparedness is a fairly individualized process. What is appropriate will vary depending on your location, situation, age, and a host of other variables. Baseline Training Manual does a great job of covering the fundamentals that apply to most people. It’s where you want to start, and then tweak it to suit your specific needs.

Each chapter ends with a Baseline Standard – a short list of action items and objectives to make sure that you have the basics covered. This is where the book really shines. It doesn’t let you be content to simply read about preparedness – it takes you to the next step of taking action. Prepping has plenty of armchair preppers who read about it, think about it, but that’s as far as it goes. If that’s where you are, then this book is going to push you to go farther.

Each chapter begins with a passage from “The Ultimate Tactical Handbook” – The Holy Bible. Taking survival lessons from God’s word adds another layer of learning, and these are not in there just “for effect” – they are well thought out, and used to illustrate a point.

Some random observations about the book:

  • Especially for a self-published book, it is well edited.
  • The author’s approach to preparedness very closely follows our approach here at Volusia County Prepping.
  • No fluff, no long lists – just solid, real-world information throughout.
  • Pay attention to his recommended books – Sheep No More will probably be our next book review.
  • This book completely avoids the arrogant and condescending tone that far too many ex-military authors seem to take. The reader gets the feeling that this is someone sharing knowledge among friends. It is truly a joy to read. I suspect that his Christian testimony has much to do with that.
  • This is planned as the first in a series of Tactical Wisdom books. We’re looking forward to adding those to our preparedness library.

Book Reviewed by Stephen M.