February 9, 2019

  • Grand Solar Minimum, Part 2 – Q & A, Prep Considerations, etc. Presented by Charles Scott.
  • Seed Bank Project

This meeting was mostly a re-cap of last month’s meeting, followed by a question and answer time. Although much of the program was a repeat of last month’s program, it is a complex topic, and you could see that “Ah ha!” moment when it really clicked – when people understood what is happening and the seriousness of the consequences. This is a topic that we’re going to be hearing a lot about very soon. It is just now starting to find its way into the media. Meetings like this give us a major head start in preparing for the future. That’s why we’re here.

Also discussed was the Seed Bank Project. The original idea of packaging the seed bank in cans and then making them available to members at cost proved to be impractical. Instead, we have put together complete instructions, along with links to purchase the seeds, on this page. The advantage is that you can now personalize your own Seed Bank by adding seeds that you like. The disadvantage is that you need to actually DO it rather than just paying for a completed package.