These are resources that should be downloaded and printed.

We are located in Zone 9a for the northwest part of Volusia County, and 9b for the rest of the county. The split between 9a and 9b is State Road 40, and it divides Central and North Florida as far as planting times. Keep in mind that this is a guide – not a hard and fast rule. Know your area and adjust accordingly.

ꔷ Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide (PDF) – If you had to have only one source for food growing information, this would be it.

ꔷ West Volusia County Planting Calendar (PDF) – This is a spreadsheet that combines the Zone map (above) with recommended planting dates from the Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide. (updated 04/14/2022)

ꔷ Maintaining Nutritional Adequacy During A Prolonged Food Crisis (PDF) – Written by Cresson H. Kearny, author of the classic Nuclear War Survival Skills.

ꔷ Long Term Food Storage (PDF) – This is the LDS (Mormon) food storage program.

ꔷ 131 Survival Foods (PDF)

ꔷ One Year Supply Guide (PDF)

ꔷ Growing Potatoes in the Florida Home Garden (PDF)

ꔷ Seed Processing and Storage (PDF)

VCP Seed Bank Project – These are varieties that have been successfully grown here in Volusia County for multiple years, and are open pollinated.

North Florida Gardening Calendar – A publication of IFAS (University of Florida).