Important Note
The Glenwood Mutual Assistance Group (GMAG) has no formal connection with Volusia County Prepping (VCP), though GMAG was formed from VCP members who live in Glenwood. VCP allows us to host this page on the VCP website, but GMAG is a fully independent group. GMAG, like VCP, is simply a group of concerned people who get together to share knowledge and plan for a very uncertain future. Neither group has any formal legal status. We’re just friends and neighbors who care.






Mission Statement (Why we exist, and what we hope to accomplish)
To establish an environment, within the Glenwood area, which allows for a safe neighborhood, community commerce, and neighborly support. We will accomplish this by organizing and coordinating our members in order to protect and restore basic functions, embrace freedoms of a civil society, and protect individual rights in a time when government and commercial operations are incapable of doing so. By organizing we will better defend our homes and our neighborhood.


Vision Statement (What we hope to achieve in the future)
Our Vision is to see Glenwood remain, as much as possible, a safe and functioning enclave in the midst of a chaotic world – not just for ourselves, but for our children, our grandchildren, and future generations. It will provide commerce, communications, education, and an exchange of knowledge and skill sets. It will be a community in which one can feel relatively safe in their homes and streets, while benefiting from a community based and organized security program.


Principles and Values

  • Property rights are absolutely vital to a free people.
  • Glenwood is our home. Protecting our home, maintaining and restoring the basic infrastructure that makes a functioning community is our objective.
  • This is strictly a voluntary effort, and is based on the volunteer fire department model that dates back to Benjamin Franklin in 1736.
  • This is not a democracy. “Voting” consists of either being a member or a non-member. With that said, member input is absolutely vital and actively encouraged. All decisions are made by the group leadership.
  • Those who quickly organize will be the most likely to thrive in a chaotic world.
  • There is strength in numbers: the more who participate, the greater the chance of success.
  • We believe our individual rights are given by God and not Government and we respect and protect those rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights.
  • We are not a militia. We are here to provide for, to protect, and to defend our homes and our families. We will strongly oppose any attempt to involve Glenwood in any conflict, no matter how noble the cause may seem to be.
  • We cherish that most traditional of American values: We just want to be left alone.


Questions and Answers

Q: What, specifically, are you preparing for?
A: A breakdown in the rule of law and the system of commerce and services that we currently take for granted. The best we can do is look at trends and the cycles of history, and note that on a long enough time scale, every system collapses. Ideally, of course, the systems that make life safe and comfortable will remain in place and functioning. So, “specifically”, we just don’t know exactly what the scenario will be and its duration but if you prepare for the basics, it will greatly improve your chances in the long run.

Q: Why do you say, “This is not a democracy”?
A: Property rights are absolutely essential. One of the primary motives in starting this was to avoid the “two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner” definition of democracy. A democratic system with frightened and hungry people will always vote to “share” resources – a nice way of saying that they will steal from those who prepared and give to those who had access to the same information but chose not to prepare.

Q: I haven’t prepared – what can I do?
A: First of all, if you haven’t prepared your family for a time when regular trips to the grocery store are no longer possible, you need to start now. Not tomorrow – Now. You’ll find plenty of resources in the VCP Quick Start Guide. If it’s too late by the time you read this, then you will want to take advantage of one of our first projects – setting up a Glenwood farmer’s market (swap meet) – and hope that you have something that others are willing to exchange for food. There are no guarantees in life.

Q: What is the background of the Glenwood MAG?
A: The Glenwood Mutual Assistance Group (GMAG) was organized in November 2020, and is an outgrowth from Volusia County Prepping – a group that has been meeting monthly since 2011. Our quarterly Glenwood neighborhood gatherings have typically had about 38-48 people attending. Lee and Stephen, who both live on roads off of Grand Ave., are the founders and primary decision-makers of this group. Both have been actively involved in preparedness for many years, and have taught numerous classes at Volusia County Prepping meetings. In addition, there are others who make up a secondary layer of leadership and continuity planning.

Q: But, what if “X” happens?
A: There is no limit to the number of unknowns since we’re dealing with unknown future events. Hopefully, nothing bad will happen, but “hope” is not a plan. If you have the basics covered – food, water, security, energy and communications – you are better prepared for most any contingency which might occur.

Q: How does the volunteer fire department system work?
A: While there are several different VFD approaches (Stephen has been a volunteer fireman on four different fire departments, including as Asst. Chief), we are using the “subscription” approach. A property owner can subscribe to the services of the volunteer fire department, and receive the benefits of doing so – or not subscribe. It is an imperfect analogy, but it gives us a basic model that has proven successful for nearly three hundred years.

Q: Since there is no such thing as a free lunch, what is required of the subscribers?
A: Our working assumption is that, in any situation that would result in the Glenwood MAG actually organizing and providing services that are otherwise no longer available, US currency would be essentially worthless. None of our plans are based on dollars as a resource. Members would be required to work x-number of hours on various projects such as a Glenwood farmer’s market, providing security, assisting in communications, maintaining existing infrastructure (such as keeping the roads clear), etc.

Q: What are the boundaries of Glenwood?
A: We use a somewhat simplified version of the “official” borders of Glenwood:

  • North – Mud Lake Road / South Farm Road
  • South – West Plymouth Avenue
  • East – US-17 / North Spring Garden Avenue
  • West – Lake Woodruff Wildlife Refuge

Q: What if I have no food? What about feeding the hungry? Will you be caring for those in need?
A: No. Feeding yourself and your family is entirely your responsibility. Even if we wanted to, we have no way to do that. That is why it is so important that everyone prepare and have their own food storage plan, and a way to produce or procure food when that runs out. This cannot be emphasized enough – this is not a charity and this is not a “resource pooling” scheme, and we will actively work to prevent anyone from stealing from one to “redistribute” to another.

Q: Why are you doing this? What’s in it for you?
A: We live in Glenwood – this is our home. We have children and grandchildren living in Glenwood. What we do, we do for them. Those who quickly organize and function as a united group are the most likely to thrive in a chaotic world. We intend to be among those who thrive.

Q: What if I don’t join/subscribe?
A: That’s entirely your choice. Even those who choose not to participate will still benefit from our efforts. They will still enjoy a safer neighborhood, access (though limited)  to an organized marketplace, and other benefits. Non-members will miss out on things like help with learning how to garden on a large scale and raise chickens, neighborhood projects, early access to the farmer’s market, tool-loaning program, etc., plus the pride in knowing that you are a part of making Glenwood a better place to live.



In the mean time, enjoy life and enjoy this brief photo tour around Glenwood. This is our home. This is where we live and raise our families, and we will do whatever we can to defend, protect, and preserve it – even as the world around us crumbles and falls apart.