January 12, 2019

  • Grand Solar Minimum – A Basic Overview (Hint: Don’t get rid of your Winter clothing. Cold temperatures can mean drastically reduced food production.)
    Guest Speaker: Charles Scott.

For the most part, preparing for Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) is no different from prepping for any of the other civilization-threatening scenarios (EMP, CME, global war, financial collapse, etc.). Take action accordingly.

Among the top programs ever presented in our meetings, this presentation by Charles Scott clearly laid out the threat of a seriously colder climate due to cyclical changes in the amount of energy we receive from the sun. It is a complex topic made understandable, but needed a two hour session with a 10 minute break in the middle. We highly recommend that you visit Charles Scott’s web site – https://SuperGSMinfo.com/ and spend some time going through the material presented there. To get you started, this is a quick summary from the Super GSM Info site:


The sun is the driver of our climate. Everything in the universe, including our star, operates on a cycle. These solar cycles are noted by periods of increased and decreased energy output. Highly predictable patterns have emerged through studying the sun’s constant oscillation cycles.

Periods of increased/decreased solar output have been discovered throughout history by studying sunspot data, geology, tree ring data, volcanoes, and ice core samples. There is an ominous correlation between plagues, droughts, famine, civil unrest, war, cold weather deaths, crop failures, and the collapse of every civilization known to exist when the sun enters a period of ‘deep hibernation’ or Grand Minimum. A minor change in the sun’s output causes major changes in our fragile species.

In Nov 2018, Professor Valentina Zharkova PhD. presented a lecture indicating that our star is, in fact, beginning a descent into a Super Grand Minimum cycle. The sun’s 4 magnetic fields are swinging out of phase and the solar output is currently diminishing at a rate that’s unprecedented. No one on the planet has ever experienced what we’re about to experience. We may be on the brink of the collapse of our civilization because the sun is the driver of our climate.


Charles Scott will also be at our February meeting to answer questions and go into some of the issues involved in preparing for a globally colder climate, with its affect on food production being a key component.


Note the trends: Time between cold cycles is decreasing, and temperatures during the cold cycles are dropping sharply.


This is a very short term snapshot of where we are now. This is not intended to illustrate GSM, but rather to show that GSM is not some far distant event.

Sample slides from the presentation