JS8Call is quickly becoming the standard for grid-down comms. This page is an effort to create a PDF-format Quick Reference Guide that can be printed on a single sheet of paper (both sides) that can be laminated. The objective is to have all of the key commands and information that would be needed during a grid-down situation, without all of the other features, such as logging.

Please use the Comments section to leave any suggestions or general remarks. At some point (hopefully very soon), we will have a formatted PDF posted here. It will include a revision date, since JS8 is still an experimental mode and there will likely be improvements in the future.

JS8Call Grid-Down Quick Reference Guide
Revision Date: (DRAFT COPY)

User Interface
Left Pane – Incoming message area. Double-click to move to Selected area.
Middle Pane top (yellow) – Selected message area
Middle Pane bottom (white) – Type message area
Right Pane – Heard list of call signs

Display Symbols
★ Station is responding to your call sign
☎ Station is calling CQ (5 minute life span)
◇ End of message
⚑ Station has left you a message (Right-click > “Show Message Inbox”)
@ Precedes Group call sign


Improve Time Delta
Right-click on call sign in Heard list, select “Jump to Time Drift”

Mailbox Operations

Retrieve Message from your Inbox
• Right-click on station with ⚑ symbol and click “Show Message Inbox”
• Menu > View > Show Message Inbox

Send Message to a station

Point to Point Message

Directed Commands
Right-click on call sign or group, select message to send.

AGN? – Have the station automatically retransmit their last messagee.
QUERY CALL [callsign]? – Can you communicate with {callsign]?
QUERY MSGS – Please deliver any messages you have stored for me


This Quick Reference Guide is based on the JS8Call Guide by KN4CRD