June 9, 2018

  • Sanitation – How to stay healthy in a crisis
  • How to make lime

Distilled Water

  • Distilling water without electricity
  • Used for making colloidal silver, maintaining batteries, etc.
  • Demo of D-Stil Lite destiller


  • Luffa gourd scrubbing sponge. This plant is well suited to this area. It is a prolific vine that produces beautiful yellow flowers. Immature fruit can be eaten, and the mature fruit are used for scrubbing. Seeds will be available at the next meeting.
  • Soap nuts – used for soap.
  • Fly control – fly paper, fly strips.
  • Vinegar fly trap

Dealing With Death

  • A major disaster will, by definition, result in massive numbers of deaths.
  • Stages of death – temperature rises, then falls; pooling of the blood; rigor mortis.
  • Approach with caution – what caused the death? Don’t become a casualty yourself.
  • Burial is the most efficient way to safely dispose of a body. Cremation requires enormous amount of fuel.
  • Deaths must be recorded with witness signatures. Bury personal effects with the body.