June 8, 2019

  • Health and Sanitation – Disease is, historically, the biggest killer of all – and the most preventable.
  • Medicinal Plants that grow in this area – How to grow them, and how to use them. An overview with more details in future meetings.
  • Container Gardening, Part 1 – Anyone can grow something

Health and Sanitation

At some point, you’ll run out of toilet paper. Search Amazon for “Hygienna Solo”. Works with any plastic water or drink bottle.

Discussion on the use of antibiotics in agriculture and how that is fueling the development of “super bugs” that are resistant to antibiotics. With no effective antibiotics to treat infections, prevention becomes the only practical means of defending against them.


Medicinal Plants

Display of plants being discussed.

Display of plants being discussed.

Starting plants from kitchen waste

Assortment of different varieties of mint


Container Gardening

Self-watering device made from top of a plastic drink bottle and a strip of T-shirt cloth

Assembled self-watering device


Growing Potatoes

Not on the schedule, but Stephen brought in some Yukon Gold potatoes from his garden to show how the tubers are formed under the soil. Seed potatoes were available for anyone who wanted to experiment with them (Note that potatoes are a cool weather crop, and now is not the time to plant them).

From our Resource FilesGrowing Potatoes in the Florida Home Garden