May 11, 2019

  • Organizing your neighborhood after things fall apart (follow up from April meeting)
  • Close-in Defense – When you’re already way too close.
  • Bugs and how to control them – Insects are not just an annoying pest – they spread deadly diseases.
  • Killing The Illusion – Popular myths, things you might not have considered, and maybe you need a different plan. (Postponed)

Killing The Illusion will be presented at a later meeting. We simply ran out of time covering the other topics.

Organizing your neighborhood after things fall apart
This was a discussion centered around recreating those important, but seldom-considered, functions of government at a time when a collapsed government no longer exists to provide them. The need does not go away when the government goes away, so how do we go about rebuilding the functions of government?

  • Recording of deeds and property ownership and transfers – If you don’t already have a full-size hard copy of the deed to your home, go to the county courthouse and purchase a copy. Be able to prove that you own your home.
  • Have a hard-bound Legal Records Book with printed page numbers in which to record (using permanent ink) all legal matters. This book must be safely stored and the responsibility of recording and safeguarding the book is a major matter, not to be taken lightly.
  • Documenting deaths – If someone is killed while you are defending yourself, make sure that you have written documentation with witnesses. If a functioning government is restored, you need to be able to legally defend your actions. The dead should be buried along with whatever they have on them at the time. Mark and record the place of burial.
  • Documenting births – Babies will continue being born, and birth records are an important part of our culture as well as our legal system. Record them in the Legal Records Book.
  • These things will not just happen on their own. We must take a leadership role to make it happen. Make sure that you are able to inspire confidence in others so they will go along with working to restore a civil order. (The “grey man” approach that some advocate is a bad choice here. No one is going to follow anyone who looks to be in the same shape as the masses.)

Bugs and how to control them

An assortment of items to protect against insects

Bugs are not only incredibly annoying, they are also a major disease vector. Maintaining health and sanitation are a major part of preparedness. Handling insects was the main focus, but also discussed was the control of mice and rats.

  • Insect repellent with DEET
  • Wide-brimmed hat with mosquito net
  • Mosquito netting for bed or cot
  • Fly swatters
  • Fly paper or fly ribbon
  • Mosquito netting coveralls
  • Picnic plate covers to keep bugs away from food
  • Mouse and rat traps
  • Mouse and rat bait

Close-in Defense

Assortment of non-firearm weapons (plus the shotgun in the background)

  • Overview of close-in weapons
  • Handgun and shotgun
  • Cane
  • SOG Spirit knife screws into standard broomstick threads
  • Using what’s available – hammer, saw, kitchen knife, etc.
  • Good discussion of vital area targets for edged and pointed weapons
  • Objective is to immediately stop the brain from functioning
  • Good discussion on the moral issues involved in self defense

As usual, after the meeting was adjourned, there was informal discussion on other options:

  • Flashlight to temporarily blind and disorient should be a high priority when making your personal security plans.
  • Most sources state that, for a tactical flashlight, 60 lumens is the minimum, but more is always better for tactical use.
  • Dependability is an absolute requirement – a tactical flashlight is not the place to try and save a few dollars with a Chinese bargain light.
  • This link may be a good place to start looking for a light.
  • Umbrella is another good option when other weapons are prohibited.