Outline Notes for the meeting agenda:

• Where we go from here
◦ Web site
◦ Email list (subscribe on web site – everyone here should already be on the list) Email List is now closed
◦ Video channel – YouTube, but with their censoring, we might end up on another platform
◦ Your local tribe – it’s up to you now.

Review of the basics, in no particular order
• Food – short, intermediate, long term
◦ grocery store
◦ long term storage
◦ growing your own (Why chickens might not be a good plan)
◦ Don’t forget pets – dogs are a vital tool for alerting, psychological aspect is very important.
◦ Add some comfort food – again, the psychological aspect can be critical.
• Cooking
◦ DIY solar oven
◦ Rocket stove
◦ Propane, alcohol, campfire
◦ Cast iron cookware
• Water
• Shelter – haven’t talked much about it, and it can be hugely complicated. So important, yet so individualized that it’s really beyond the scope of what we can do here.
◦ Clan, Septic, Security, Density
• Light – got to be able to see at night
◦ Rechargeable with the means to recharge
◦ Outdoor solar-charged LED lights on a board
◦ Oil lamps work great, but generate heat. Nice in cool weather.
◦ Candles are a nice touch, but not a great choice for lighting
◦ Area lighting (dim) vs. Spot lighting (brighter is better)
◦ Night vision
• Defense
◦ At a minimum, everyone carries a sidearm. Everywhere. All the time.
◦ A gun without a way to carry it is a hobby. Holster / sling for everything.
◦ Safe gun handling
◦ LASR – Laser Activated Shot Reporter for practice
◦ Social interaction while armed – keep it holstered, keep it on a sling, hands off. Accessible, but not ready for an instant pull on the trigger. Don’t make yourself a threatening target – just an armed person.
• First aid / Medical – Things like wheelchair, bedside commode, walker, OTC meds, etc. will likely be more important than tourniquets and major trauma stuff for this area (DIY surgery is for survivalist books and movies – not real life). Same with things like clean sheets and towels. Prevention becomes a huge issue – far more important than it is at this point. Soap!
◦ Colloidal Silver
• Sanitation
◦ body, dishes, and clothes washing – clothes line and clothes pins, plastic dish pans (so many now depend on electric dish washers), dish soap.
◦ soap is cheap now – Hand washing, wound washing
◦ toilet paper stores very well
◦ Hygienna Solo or similar for when the TP runs out.
• Communications
◦ Listen, don’t talk
◦ 2-way comms are for organized groups. If you don’t know who is on the other end AND who else is listening, then don’t transmit. Low power is often better for our purposes than high power.
◦ Low Tech – Whistle, Bell, Horn, Flag or Poster, “sandwich board” sign
◦ Neighborhood bulletin board for local notices

Divide into groups:
• Brevard
• DeLand
• DeLeon Springs
• Deltona
• Edgewater
• Flagler
• New Smyrna Beach
• Orlando
• Port Orange
This is your last chance for a face-to-face at a VCP meeting, so make the best of it. Find out who in your group wants to stay in touch. Find out who needs more people and who needs a better location. IMPORTANT: Pick one person who will coordinate things in your group. This is for 5 minutes, followed by our 10-minute break, so use the time wisely.

Security and local intel – keep your mouth shut
• Reason for shutting down VCP
◦ Werewolf Preppers (primary reason)
◦ Government snooping (secondary reason)

• ** We want avoid getting into specific threats and the coming chaos.
• ** We’re looking for help from everyone here, we’ll chime in where we can, but there is a lot of knowledge here that needs to be shared – which is what VCP has always been about.
• “What, if anything, do you see as the weak link for you that you could use some help with?”
• Random Last bits of advice:
▪ Everyone’s situation is different, so don’t try to follow someone else’s list or advice. Be very skeptical of those who view prepping through the lens of their military experience – it is a vastly different situation. “When a hammer is your only tool, every problem looks like a nail.”
▪ Modern civilization is a very complex machine. Once it shuts down, it will take a VERY long time to start back up. If ever. Stockpiling and storage are a bridge. Look for resilient, sustainable solutions and ways to adapt when there are no solutions.
▪ When deciding on what crops to grow, look at yield per area. Quantity counts.
▪ Don’t forget about mental well-being.
• When people lose hope, they die. Remember what we lost and what we must build again.
• Include some comfort food, good books to read (not prepping stuff), board games.
• Consider having some outside games such as croquet or volleyball or similar.
• If you have a musical instrument, make sure it’s in tune and in good working order.
• Make a real effort to maintain good personal hygiene – keep your clothes neat and clean, shave if that’s your norm, keep your hair cut, washed, and combed.