October 12, 2019

  • Radio work – Demo, testing, and drills outside the meeting building. Be sure to bring your radios for this one.
  • Emergency radios – hand crank powered
  • Faraday cages

The bulk of the meeting was a workshop-style meeting going over the features and functions of the radios that were purchased in a bulk order. All radios in the group purchases have been programmed in one of two formats – one for licensed ham radio operators, and one for those who have not yet been licensed. This gives us the ability to coordinate by channel number.

Bud showed a portable antenna that is available on ebay. This link shows how to built your own 2-meter J-pole antenna using ordinary TV Twin Lead, along with the coax that will lead to your radio. Here is a YouTube video giving more details.

Hand-outs from this meeting:
SHTF Frequency List
Call Sign Key