Building Relationships Among Preppers (.PPT file)

Stopping The Bleed When There Is No 911 To Call (.ODP file)

Litters – Carrying the Sick and Injured (.ODP file)

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Meeting Notes:

1 Opening
2 Continued discussion
2.1 Overview: a) Who are we concerned with? b) Definitions for Tribe Building project, c) Sponsoring new members to VCP
2.2 Concern is mainly would-be thieves rather than government
2.2.1 We far more closely resemble the local garden club than a militia made up of physically fit military vets in their 20’s and 30’s.
2.2.2 In the overall scheme of things we would be extremely low on any government interest priority list. We are simply not a threat to anyone, and talk of government confiscating our stored food is theoretical rather than realistic. They would be looking for large scale food sources such as grocery stores, not the family-sized food storage preppers should have. They would be looking for food that is distributeable (MREs) or suitable for large scale feeding programs. Neither of these typically make up a significant part of preppers’ food storage.
2.3 Definitions of Tribe and Clan
2.3.1 These definitions are quite loose, with plenty of room for exceptions. They are based on historical terms that most closely match the situation.
2.3.2 Use whatever terms you want for your own group – we are using these terms here so that we’re speaking the same language when making connections.
2.3.3 Clan – those living on a single piece of property, either in the house or camped on the property. Under the direct authority of the head of the household (in Scotland, it would be the Clan Chief). The word “clann” is Scottish Gaelic for “Children”. Typically, a family group – related by blood or marriage Includes others “adopted” into the clan (“Septs”)
2.3.4 Tribe – A group of Clans, typically located near each other, but may be connected in other ways.
2.4 Anyone new coming must be sponsored by a current member. “New” means initial contact. Long-time subscribers may be added to the list to attend meetings and become a member.
2.4.1 Send an email (you can just reply to one of the regular VCP emails you have received), and include some basic information about who you want to sponsor. Name, how long you’ve known them, how you got connected, and anything else you think might be relevant.
2.4.2 The person being sponsored must attend at least 3 meetings with you before they are classified as a full member.
2.4.3 Exceptions? Contact us and we’ll figure it out from there.

Recommendations for a CB radio setup can be found on the Radio Quick Start page.