Several Volusia County Prepping members have built rainwater harvesting systems. This is an overview of some of these systems and how they were put together. Note that each system is built to meet the needs of that situation. There is no “one right way” to do this.

System 1

Input divided between two independent barrels. Leaf Eater and First Flush used to keep the water clean.


System 2

Water is collected from a 12×24 shed. Water goes into a 55 gallon barrel, then the overflow goes into a 1550 gallon tank. The 55 gallon barrel serves to allow any solids time to settle to the bottom, and makes it easier to fill containers when the water level is low. Leaf Eater and First Flush are used to keep water clean.


Storage tank wrapped in reflective tarp to reduce heat build-up.


Using a 2″ hole saw and drill press to make a 1-1/2″ intake adapter. Works best if the centering drill bit is removed from the hole saw – otherwise it is difficult to adjust to find the exact center.


Before and after the center was drilled out.


1-1/2″ pipe glued to the 2″ Bung Cap with DAP Tank Bond epoxy. Toothpicks were used to center and align it while applying and curing the epoxy.


After the epoxy cured, silicone caulking was applied to seal the joint on both ends. Masking tape was used to keep the ends clean so a PVC elbow would fit over it.


System 3

IBC tank supported on wooden foundation.


Spigot parts


Assembled and installed water spigot


Height is set to allow easy filling of buckets and other containers.


System 4

55 gallon barrels set up against a 12′ wide shed.


Base set up to hold 55 gallon barrels. 2×6 boards on concrete Deck Blocks.


Barrels as-delivered from . Be sure to include Lift Gate service when selecting delivery options.


Rainwater Harvesting Meeting Notes (SEP 2021)


Parts Used

  • This list of parts is from several projects, so don’t think you need to get all of this. Find what you need for your project.
  • PVC pipe and connectors and other misc. parts came from Lowes or Home Depot.

Hose, 5′ – Amazon
1 1/2″ PVC Bulkhead fitting – Amazon
1 1/2″ Slip/NPT adapter – Amazon
Stainless Steel Garden Hose to x 3/4″ Male NPT adapter- Amazon
3/4″ Slip x FHT PVC Hose-to-Pipe Fitting – Amazon
3/4″ Shut Off Valve GHT Thread Stainless Steel – Amazon
Leaf Eater – Amazon
First Flush Diverter, 3″ – Amazon
Stainless Steel Rain Barrel Spigot – Amazon
Rainpal Products – Amazon
2″ Bung Cap Fine Thread Plastic Drum Plug with Gasket – Amazon
275 Gallon IBC tank – Tractor Supply
Norwesco 1,550 gallon water tank (Various sizes available) – Tractor Supply
Plastic Drum with Lid – 55 Gallon, Open Top, Black – Uline
1″ Round Open Screen Vent – Amazon
2″ Round Open Screen Vent – Amazon