Different parts of the county hold their nets at different days and times. Time and frequency are arranged by the different area groups and are announced at our meetings.

Most 2-meter nets are held on repeaters, but they are not the best choice for preparedness since they are dependent on the repeater being available. The downside to using simplex is the lower range of the hand-held radios that many in our group have. A big part of why we hold this net is so you can determine who you can reach in your area and then plan accordingly.



  • If you do not yet have your ham radio license, then just listen to the net if it is on a ham frequency. Learning comes from listening – not from transmitting.
  • If you are listening only, please use the Contact form to let us know your location and which other locations you could hear.
  • If you are not satisfied with the performance of your radio, first consider upgrading your antenna. Antenna design and height is the key to radio performance; however, the 8 watts that these hand-held radios have is not enough to power a large antenna or a longer run of coax cable.
  • Reception will vary by your location. The west side of the county generally has a very heavy tree cover which absorbs the signal. Your elevation also makes a major difference.
  • The two big factors are antenna height and output power. On this frequency, the Baofeng has a maximum of 8 watts, where a typical 2-meter mobile radio will put out about 65 watts. The antenna that comes standard with the Baofeng is not going to compare well to an antenna on top of a 35′ tower. The Baofeng radios are fine for many of our communications needs, but understand the power and antenna limitations. Test, and upgrade if needed.


Northwest area
Including DeLand, DeLeon Springs, Glenwood, Lake Helen, Pierson

Southwest area
Including Enterprise, Deltona, Debary, Orange City, Osteen

Northeast area
Including Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Holly Hill, South Daytona, Ormond Beach

Southeast area
Including Edgewater, Harbor Oaks, New Smyrna Beach, Oak Hill, Ponce Inlet, Port Orange


VCP Net Script
(Modify as needed for your area)

(2 minutes before start of net)
Is the frequency in use?

We will be starting the _____ VCP net in approximately 2 minutes. The primary frequency for the _____ VCP Net is _____, and the alternate is _____. This is (your callsign, given phonetically).

(Start time)
This is (your callsign, given phonetically) for the _____ VCP net which meets _____ at _____ local time. The primary frequency for the _____ VCP Net is _____, and the alternate is _____. My name is (your name) and I’m located in (your city) in Volusia County, Florida.

Are there any net announcements or bulletins?

This is (your callsign, given phonetically) _____ VCP net control.

Any stations in the [Northwest area of Volusia County, including, Deland, Deleon Springs, Glenwood, Lake Helen, and Pierson?] (use areas shown above as a guide)

Any relays?

For information about Volusia County Prepping, please see our website at volusiacountyprepping.com. This is (your name, your callsign, given phonetically, and location), VCP net control, closing this portion of the net. You are now encouraged to remain on frequency and discuss preparedness topics. 73