BaoFeng Radio Review and Set Up

  • A Normal size Battery will monitor an active frequency for at least 24 hours. If a green light is on, the radio is consuming battery power; light off you’re not. Cycle NEW batteries 3 times (run battery all the way down and fully recharge 3 times. Battery will then have a memory and last longer).

  • If you order any antenna get the SMAF (SMA is the type of connector and the F is for female). Don’t push the transmit button if antenna is off. Make sure power is off before removing/installing antenna. Handle antennas from the base. Don’t handle antenna while transmitting.

  • Don’t use any type of glue or thread compound on radio belt clip screws.

  • Charger indications while charging: Red light = charging; green light=charged; blinking light = not charging/problem.

  • Don’t put wet batteries in charger.

  • Remove radio from charger once the charger LED goes steady green to avoid overcharging/heating the battery.

  • Make sure radio is off while removing/installing battery or adding a peripheral device.

  • Two channels (A/B) appear on display; the channels are not related in any way.

  • Red button toggles between “Channel” and “Frequency” modes.

  • Band button toggles between VHF (2 meters) and UHF (70 centimeters).

  • You must be in frequency mode to switch bands.

  • A/B toggles between upper and lower channel on display.

  • Green light on radio face = receiving.

  • Red light on radio face = transmitting.

  • In frequency mode hitting “#” puts radio in low power mode. Use low power to conserve battery power when close proximity (<½ mile).

  • Press and hold “red CALL button” to activate alarm. Press CALL momentary to activate FM radio. Note: FM radio will switch back to active channel/frequency if call received.

  • Press and hold MONI button = shuts off squelch to listen to raw signal. Press MONI momentary to activate flashlight modes. (Steady/Blinking/Off)

  • Press and Hold #/key button “LOCK” and “UNLOCK” keypad.

  • Scanning is available in frequency or channel mode; push and hold scan button. Press any button to stop scan.

  • Voice activation feature (VOX): Radios are VOX equipped. Press the menu button then use the ↑↓ arrows until the display reads VOX. Hit the menu button again then use the ↑↓ arrows to select a sensitivity level (1) =sensitive (10) = least sensitive. If you test this feature make sure you’re on a MURS frequency and you’re in low power mode.

  • Those with Ham licenses normally have local Ham frequencies programmed in radios. Those without license have general bands only. Many frequencies are used for emergency use only.

  • MURS restrictions: Output should not exceed 2 watts (low power mode); can’t use repeaters or boosters; antenna no longer than 60 meters; can’t be more than 20′ above highest structure; can’t use on aircraft. There are five MURS frequencies we can use to practice in low power mode.

  • Simplex mode = walkie talkie (radio to radio)

  • Duplex mode = communicating through a repeater

  • Licensed HAM operators may have over 100 channels programmed in your radio. Many of those channels can only be used if you are properly licensed.

  • Keep SHTF Frequency List handy (also a pair of reader glasses if you use them)

  • Tuesday 1230 MURS 1 is National Prepper Net

  • As of today, 8.24.2020 these are the links to the radio equipment we are using.

Quick set up of MURS and Weather channels for Preppers

12 Easy Steps

  1. Turn top radio knob clockwise and adjust the volume during the short radio “mode” announcement.

  2. Ensure button lock is unlocked by pressing and holding the # key. Listen for “UNLOCK”.

  3. Press orange VFO/MR button. Listen for and set “CHANNEL MODE”.

  4. Press blue A/B button to activate top (A) channel (look for up pointed carrot in left column of display).

Note: when setting a specific channel, always press three digits. i.e. To set channel 3 press “ZERO, ZERO, THREE”.

  1. Set MURS channel 55 by pressing “ZERO, FIVE, FIVE”.

  2. Press blue A/B button to activate bottom (B) channel (look for down pointed carrot in left column of display).

  3. Set WX channel 100 by pressing “ONE ZERO ZERO”.

  4. Copy the current weather information, then: Press blue A/B button to activate top (A) channel (look for up pointed carrot in left column of display) Keep radio set on top (A) channel so as not to listen continuously to repeated weather information.

  5. Now you have your active MURS channel on top (A) and weather in standby on bottom (B) channel.

  6. Ensure button lock is locked by pressing and holding the # key. Listen for “LOCK”.

  7. With all buttons locked out you can now put the radio in a shirt pocket or purse without worrying about changing something by inadvertently pressing a random radio button.

  8. When desired turn top radio knob counter-clockwise to OFF.