From Lee’s “Reality Check” presentation:

This is the video that prompted this topic. Mr. Nyquist has been researching this topic for many years.

The PowerPoint file used (it is in .PPT format).

The key points of this topic:

  • There is a wide array of current conditions that are highly volatile and could have a severe impact in a very short period of time.
  • Prepare NOW.
  • Organize into tribes in your local neighborhood. Make connections with like-minded people NOW.
  • Avoid thinking in terms of what might happen 5 years from now, or next year, or even next week. Think it terms of “What if it happened right now?”
  • What do you need to get now? What skills do you need to learn now?
  • To quote MIT Economist, Rudiger Dornbusch:
    “Crisis takes a much longer time coming than you think, and then it happens much faster than you would have thought.”

From Scott’s presentation on Colloidal Silver:

Click here for Scott’s presentation notes.

The key points of this topic:

  • Requires a supply of distilled water
  • Important to understand the different types of colloidal silver
  • As always – this is NOT medical advice, so do your own research before using it.

Burt’s program on growing and using wild yams

The key points of this topic:

Kelly’s program on Covert Gardening:

Click here for Kelly’s handout on Covert Gardening (PDF format).

The key points of this topic:

  • There are options for growing your own food even if you don’t have the space where you live.
  • There are ways to grow food that doesn’t look like food.
  • Think outside the box – be creative in where and how you grow food.
  • Covert gardening should NOT be your primary plan, or even your backup plan. It is a last-ditch emergency plan.

Trauma Kits

At the May meeting, Barry offered to get a price on trauma kits. After checking and getting a quote, it turns out that we can assemble our own kits at a considerable cost savings. This same type of kit was described (including photos and Amazon links) on this page. We have updated the links and prices from the original article written about a year ago.